HotRod Henry Supercharged

fast. versatile. large. beautiful.

The Supercharged edition HotRod Henry is finally here!

The same, patented vintage design is now powered by CreateItREAL’s Bluefin motherboard and its advanced motion algorithms.

It is superfast, it is precise, and it can print with any filament. Seriously: any filament.


One of the fastest FFF/FDM printers in the world.

HotRod Henry is lightning fast. It can print with the speed of up to 450 mm/s. And we mean actual printing speed, not just head movement!
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As accurate as a top FFF/FDM printer can get.

HotRod Henry is super precise! It can go down to 50 microns layer resolution. In X and Y axes the accuracy is also 50 microns. We have tested and measured it!
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Endless material capabilities.

HotRod Henry Supercharged does not limit you to just a bunch of materials dedicated for it. You can benefit from the whole market variety of 3D printing filaments. We encourage you to try them all out!
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Drukarka 3D_poprawiona_400

The classiest and most unique 3D printer out there.

Vintage design moves you back to the age when big engines and speed mattered. But it is also timeless and fits every interior. Check how it fits yours!
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350x350x600mm of freedom.

With over 70 litres of 3D printing volume – the sky is the limit!
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